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Welcome To Kei's Smile Factory!

Where we make works of custom Japanese calligraphy art here in Miami Beach, FL! They make excellent gifts and decorations! But most of all, we hope they make you smile!!

Perfect For Any Occasion

Our custom works of Japanese calligraphy art make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and more! They can be made to include a loved one's name, a phrase, word or any combination of what you might like! Take a look at our art gallery for some ideas!

Types of Custom Japanese Calligraphy in Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji with Cherry Blossoms
Custom Japanese Calligraphy Art on Shikishi Board in Sumi ink and Royal Blue Acrylic
Traditional Meets Eccentric

Bright, colorful and fun combinations meet the cultural depth of traditional Japanese calligraphy!

We practice a method steeped in thousands of years of history with bright shining eccentric passion and the beautiful art influences of Miami and the Caribbean!

Live Calligraphy

We'd love to perform at your next event! From parties of hundreds to the most intimate of settings, we make sure each guest is honored in a personal and unique experience. Our specialty is a selection of guest names or those of loved ones from the thousands of characters in the Kanji alphabet. Each name is carefully translated and chosen with a specialized representation based on their personality and character. Since each is unique, no two guests ever have the same!

Live Japanese Calligraphy Performance in Miami Beach, FL at the Nobu Hotel
Ogata from Golden Kamuy written in the Kanji form of Japanese Calligraphy
Digitized Calligraphy

We can scan and send our calligraphy anywhere in the world. We have had the pleasure of working with clients as far away as Australia, where a selection of work went on to feature in an award-winning book of photography. Others have used our digitized calligraphy as templates for their latest tattoo!

Custom Wall Scrolls

A custom wall scroll is a prestigious addition to any home, meditation space, office or dojo. We work closely with a company that produces wall scrolls to give you a wide variety of colors, shapes and materials. 

Logan and Blade Runner in Japanese Katakana Calligraphy
Custom Japanese Calligraphy written in Kanji and Katakana on three Japanese Hanging Wall Scrolls
Photoshop Editing

Need photo editing assistance? We can help! Our scanned calligraphy can be added into any digital work and tailored for any kind of custom project. Check out some of the projects that we've used these techniques and more!

What Everyone Is Saying About
5-Star Review of our Custom Japanese Calligraphy
5-Star Review of our Custom Japanese Calligraphy
5-Star Review for our Custom Japanese Calligraphy
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