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About Us!

Our work is an eclectic slice of eccentricity rooted in the deep tradition of the Japanese language and its written counterpart. We love to use bright, exotic Caribbean colors in fun and exciting creations that bring the Japanese language to life! We hope these wonderful works make you smile with your heart!

Kei Murakami

Kei is the heart and soul of our company and the deep reservoir of creativity and inspiration that defines our direction. Her love, passion and dedication to her craft revolves solely around putting smiles on faces. She is the embodiment of not just working hard and smart, but happy! Part of her creative roots stem from the Japanese fashion industry, where she had a boutique and clothing line.


Gavin Ravens


Gavin is our company manager that makes sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes so that Kei can focus on her work of bringing smiles to our esteemed guests.

Lil' Miss Murakami
Inspirational Director

Descended from ancient Japanese royalty, Lil' Miss is a direct descendant of the cat family owned by the Tokugawa Shogunate. She inherits the embodiment of traditional Japanese elegance and inspires us as a company to do great things.

Kei's Smile Factory | Japanese Mail-Order Calligraphy - Cat, Neko, Gato

Kizzy Murakami
Planning Director

From first word of client interest, to the moment we finish a show, Kizzy makes sure everything happens in a timely, efficient manner. She helps Kei design and plan show layouts and preset designs to help make as many people as we can smile!

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