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About Us!

Our work is an eclectic slice of eccentricity rooted in the deep tradition of the Japanese language and its three alphabetic counterparts. We love to use bright, exotic Caribbean colors in fun and exciting new ways with creations that push boundaries and bring new life to the Japanese language! We hope our wonderful works evoke a positive and personal response that makes you smile, truly smile, from he depths of your heart.

Kei Murakami

Kei is the heart, soul and namesake of our company. Her deep reservoir of creativity, knowledge and inspiration defines the unique style and direction of her artwork. Her craft revolves around her love, compassion and dedication of bringing happiness and joy to each individual she works with. Her creed is to not only work hard and smart, but happy!

Her positive energy and love is an unyielding powerhouse of happiness that drives her desire to share it with the world through her work.

Her ethos and ethics are steeped in thousands of years of Japanese refinement and tradition, inspired by the natural contrast of bright colors in our Caribbean paradise here in Miami Beach. Much of her creative ability has developed over a lifetime and been further refined through many years as a musician, dancer, fashion designer, and now, calligrapher.

Japanese calligraphy artist Kei Murakami enjoying the Miami Beach sun while setting up for 'A Taste Of Nobu' at the Nobu Hotel

Gavin Ravens

Gavin is our company manager that makes sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes so that Kei can focus her full effort of warming hearts and bringing smiles to faces by creating personalized works of art.

Gavin has had a lifelong involvement with the hospitality industry and the world of fine arts. While Kei is working her magic, you'll most likely find Gavin nearby entertaining, educating and engaging with guests that are inevitably drawn to Kei's colorful exhibition.

Kizzy Murakami
Chief Executive Meowfficer

From first word of client interest, to the moment we finish a show, Kizzy makes sure everything happens in a timely, efficient manner. She helps Kei design and plan show layouts and preset designs to help make as many people as we can smile!

Profile Cat.jpg

Lil' Miss Murakami
President of Inspiration

Lil' Miss, also known simply as Sweetie, was the living embodiment of traditional Japanese elegance. She was our beautiful inspiration for many years and continues to brighten our lives as she looks down on us from on high among the clouds in the sky.


There never was a cat or being with a heart and soul with such a kind soul. Her inspiration continues to guide us, to live up to the way she saw the world, through those eyes of kindness. To this day and for the rest of our lives, we strive to build a better world worthy of such a kind, considerate, compassionate and noble creature.

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