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What We Do!

What do we do? That's a question we often receive and find ourselves hard to put into a category. Our work is so specific that it defies a simple Google search. To sum it up in as concise a manner as possible, it would be that we primarily perform as a "Unique Japanese Party Art Entertainment Service", as live entertainers, that specialize in "Japanese Calligraphy Name Interpretation Art". It is definitely a mouthful and can be difficult to understand without experiencing it firsthand. So we welcome you to come join us at one of our shows!

How We Do It!

Our artist, Kei, will take your name and break it down into its syllables and interpret them, not just translate them, into Japanese, based on your personality. Usually we do this with Kanji, one of four Japanese alphabets, that consists of more than 10,000 ideograms. Each represents a singular idea or concept beyond a phonetic symbol. Kei takes this further by choosing from this massive reservoir, symbols that best match and represent who you are as a person. She then paints your interpreted name into a beautiful work of art using your favorite colors and design choice. The magic of this is who you are at that specific time and place. Should we see you at another show, you may have grown, changed and developed, as well as do, into a person of new stature. Life is, after all, not static. It's up to you at that point whether you'd like a new name worked into a new piece, or your already given name.

Why We Do it!

As our company namesake suggests, we do it for the smiles! Kei and I were having a deep philosophical talk about life one evening, when it came around to the purpose of her company, her life's work and impact on people's lives. Mind you, this was the day after one of our most successful shows. She said to me how she could care less about the art. How meaningless it all is, pointless and obscure to even her. That is, until the moment she sees the spark of brightness on someones face when they look upon what she created. All of it meaningless, until that relaxed expression of happiness touches someone and brings purpose to her work. So why does she do it, why have we dedicated our lives to a company with such a fun name? Well, the name says it all. We're a factory of smiles. Without the wonderful people who come see our shows and experience what Kei does first hand, our labors are pointless. There are any number of artists out there with artwork that will move you this way or that, make you think or consider. But not us. Our goal is to bring smiles and happiness to the faces of people who had no idea what they were in for when they sat down with us. Smiles that can be seen or unseen. Warmth that can be felt and love that is shared for one another.

When We Do It!

As often as possible! We post updates on our Instagram of all our upcoming public shows and we hope that you can make it, be there to experience it firsthand. Its something to see a moment of joy captured in the moment of a picture, but something else entirely to be in that moment. Even in the presence of a moment, viewing someone else's experience. To see and feel the whirlwind of emotion that takes over as they open up. A raw honesty that you may have never felt or seen before. It is not uncommon and we are not shy to share that we have had at almost every event at least one guest break down in tears as they open up about themselves or a loved one, allowing openness and compassion to unexpectedly wash over and completely lighten their burdened hearts.


While we primarily focus on smiles, sometimes guests need to go through tears to reach that state of mind. Kei has a knack of perception and empathy that can sometimes catch guests off-guard in a cross-sectioned state of amazement and vulnerability that can enhance this emotional state of mind. Some have openly called it clairvoyance or some kind of spiritual connection, but we assure you it is a matter of perception and paying attention to what is present. Opening up with all senses to take in all a person has to offer, just as some guests pour their heart out with all of theirs.

So please, come join us at one of our many live events and experience what a unique talent Kei has to offer that transcends the medium with which she works. Something above and beyond the translation and interpretation. Beyond the paper, the paint and event the kanji. It is a truly connective experience with not just Kei, but with yourself and perhaps if making it for someone else, with them as well.


And we love to have fun while doing it! So once again, we bid you welcome and invite you and your loved ones to come see us. Have a drink and sit with us. Unload your burdens and let us transcribe your personality, your life and distill it into a work of art that reflects all of who you are.


We hope to see you soon!

Gavin & Kei! 

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