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In The Shadow of the Leaves
Brisbane, Australia

Featured in the award winning photography book In the Shadow of the Leaves by Australian photographer Mick Porter, Kei's calligraphy ushers in each chapter with a title of fitting style and grace.

We worked with Mick from across the globe on this project to create digital copies of our calligraphy that could be directly printed onto the washi paper he would use in the photography books.

The result was stunning and his work went on to win the 2019 Australian Photographic Book of the Year at the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography).

You can preview and purchase Mick's book here:

In The Shadow of the Leaves

And visit his website here:

Mick Porter Photography

A Taste of Japan
Miami Beach, Florida

We were brought on for Kao Global's annual appreciation event for their employees at the Fontainebleau Hotel here in Miami Beach.

Their theme, A Taste of Japan, was an experience where employees could share in the roots of their company's culture with a fun and exciting experience.

We prepared hundreds of paper keepsakes in a variety of colors and with all twelve star signs, each with their unique and cute animal character.

We performed live calligraphy with a focus on Japanese astrology.

The event was a smash and we created over one hundred custom personalized calligraphy with astrological theme, live in front of a clamoring audience.

You can take a look at the hotel venue here:

Fontainebleau Hotel

And see a bit about Kao here:

Kao Global

Buddhist Temple Wall Scroll
Boca Raton, Florida

Reverend Phil Sengetsu Kolman of the Southern Palm Zen Group in Boca Raton commissioned us to create a hanging wall scroll to adorn the alter of their Buddhist temple.

The piece itself bears the name of the temple, Hirayama-ji, which mean Flat Mountain Temple.

We honor the memory of Rev. Sengetsu as he has since passed on. He is survived by his wife, who we also had the pleasure of meeting while completing the work.


We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the reverend. He was one that are few in this world. A truly gentle, kind and peaceful and soul.

You can visit their website here:

Southern Palm Zen Group

Kokoro Studio Opening
London, United Kingdom

A client contacted us with a gift idea he had for the grand opening of a kinbaku studio in the United Kingdom.

He wanted a special wall scroll that would feature the name of the studio, Studio Kokoro, with a quote from renown kinbaku artist, Naka Akira.

With the scoll complete, we sent it to the UK, where it met our client for him to present at the opening.


Studio Kokoro's beautiful red wall scroll continues to adorn and dominate the the space of the studio, with its bright color and prominent name, accented by the words of Akira.


Kinbaku is not for the faint of heart. It is the art and practice of human bondage using simple, visually intricate patterns, of rope. We caution you to visit their site and read on the topic at your own risk:

Studio Kokoro

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